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Variant Cover - MERC Publishing

(The Incredible HULK #340 Homage - After Todd McFarlane)

Illustrated by Franck Uzan and Colored by Ezequiel Dominguez



Deathrage #2 (Kickstarter Chromium Edition)

  • Mark Freeman is stranded in Vegas with his new face. The Spartans won't take his calls, so he's got no option other than working at the Circus Circus casino to make enough to fly back to headquarters.

    Luckily, the mask he stole has an AI that's here to help! Will that be enough to get him through a fight with Candy and her newly built army, or is there someone else around to lend him a helping hand?


  • Written by Aaron Sparrow and Murphey
    Illustrated by Emiliano Urdinola
    Colored by Ezequiel Dominguez

    Cover by Franck Uzan with Ezequiel Dominguez


    T+ | Color | USA | English
    2022, 32 Pages


    Published by MERC Publishing

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