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Variant Cover - MERC Publishing

(Indiana Jones Homage)

Illustrated by Franck Uzan and Colored by Ezequiel Dominguez



Deathrage #3 (Kickstarter Edition)

  • Sharply dressed in his new suit, Mark Freeman waits patiently for the right time to break into Teddy's factory. Pixel, unconvinced of Gwen's trustworthiness, pushes for them to do it alone and NOW.

    Mark's the one with the feet, and they go walking back to the run down motel to her displeasure. Little does he know, Candy has called in the Kodiak Syndicate to enact her revenge!


  • Written by Aaron Sparrow and Murphey
    Illustrated by Emiliano Urdinola
    Colored by Ezequiel Dominguez


    T+ | Color | USA | English
    2022, 27 Pages


    Published by MERC Publishing

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