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Variant Cover - Franck Uzan Exclusive - Limited to 150

(Batman #423 Homage - After Todd McFarlane)

Illustrated by Franck Uzan and Colored by Bryan Magnaye



Happy Hill #1 is a tingling comic book that will take you on a vacation you won't forget. Follow the story of a child who goes missing at an exclusive resort, and uncover the dark secrets that have been hidden for years... This edition pays homage to Batman #427 by Todd McFarlane, making it a must-have for comic collectors completists.


Happy Hill #1 (Kickstarter Edition)

  • When a child goes missing on the grounds of an exclusive vacation resort, the investigation uncovers dark secrets hidden for decades, and an unstoppable supernatural menace who will make this vacation permanent! Happy Hill is a vacation horror thriller. Available with two enhanced covers, Happy Hill reveals the horrifying truth about how far some people will go to be happy. The hills are alive with the sound of screaming!

  • Written by Rich Douek
    Illustrated by Joe Mulvey
    Colored by Chris Sotomayor

    Cover by Franck Uzan with Bryan Magnaye


    T+ | Color | USA | English
    2022, 32 Pages


    Published by Comixtribe

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