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Variant Cover - FairSquare Comics

Illustrated by Franck Uzan and Colored by Walter Pereyra



This captivating comic follows the journey of Leah, a young girl who fights to preserve the balance of the universe while staying true to her Jewish faith. As she battles alongside the Spirits of the Earth, Wood, Fire, and Metal, she must confront her past and the reasons for leaving Kaifeng and China. This engaging tale will leave readers on the edge of their seats as they follow the twists and turns of Leah's story. Don't miss out on this exciting adventure.



Intertwined : The Last Jewish Daughter Of Kaifeng #1

  • After the events of the original INTERTWINED series, Leah Ai Tian’s life has changed drastically. She’s been dragged in Juan Jin’s adventures with the Spirits of WuXing against her will and Lady Xia passed on the mantle of Champion of the Water Element to her right before she was murdered. Now, Leah fights along the Spirits of the Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal to preserve the balance of the universe while fully living her Jewish faith. But her past has come back to haunt her. Why did she really leave Kaifeng and China? And what do Mob Lord Yuk-Wong wants to find her so much that he sent his goons all the way to Chinatown New York to find her?
     INTERTWINED: THE LAST JEWISH DAUGHTER OF KAIFENG#1 is a fast paced supernatural action adventure tale dealing with deep real life issues: the meaning of faith in a country that, at that time, doesn’t recognize Judaism as a religion, the condition of women in the early 1970s and freedom of choice

  • Written by Fabrice Sapolsky
    Illustrated Fei Chen and ho Seng Hui
    Colored by Walter Pereyra

    Cover by Franck Uzan with Walter Pereyra


    All Ages | Color | USA | English
    2023, 76 Pages, Squarebound


    Published by FairSquare Comics

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