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Variant Cover - Hero's Corner Exclusive - Limited to 500 copies

Illustrated by Franck Uzan and Colored by Chuck Michael Obach



Vanish #1 is the latest masterpiece from the creative duo of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. This new title promises to take readers on a wild ride through a world of magic, youth, and superpowers. Delve into a brutal tale filled with evil sorcerers, war, guts, and death, and experience a story unlike any other.




Vanish #1

  • Oliver Harrison was a mythical hero who slayed the greatest threat to his realm before even hitting puberty. But that was then.

    As an adult, Oliver leads an average cookie-cutter suburban life—aside from the fact that he's mentally unstable, massively paranoid, smokes like a chimney, and gets blackout drunk every night to hide from his horrific nightmares. Will the arrival of a superhero team called the Prestige prove the madness isn't all in Oliver's head? And what about all the epic fantasy crap from his childhood?

    Join us for a brutal as hell tale of magical worlds, gifted youth, evil sorcerers, superheroes, war, blood, guts, and death that punches you right in the face!

  • Written by Donny Cates
    Illustrated by Ryan Stegman

    Colored by Sonia Oback

    Cover by Franck Uzan with Chuck Michael Obach


    T+ | Color | USA | English
    2022, 40 Pages


    Published by Image Comics

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