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Variant Cover - Franck Uzan Exclusive

Illustrated by Franck Uzan and Colored by J. Scott Browning



Wailing Blade #1 (Bloody Spot UV Edition)

  • The Headtaker, feared executioner and wielder of the legendary Wailing Blade, kills every man who meets his gaze. And, right now, he's looking at Tychon, an upstart bandit prince fighting to save his father from the chopping block. 

    An oversized first issue with so much skull-splitting action, you're guaranteed to lose your head over it!


  • Written by Rich Douek
    Illustrated by Joe Mulvey
    Colored by Chris Sotomayor

    Cover by Franck Uzan with J. Scott Browning


    T+ | Color | USA | English
    2019, 32 Pages


    Published by Comixtribe

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